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Paignton 2019

Die Lernenden im 2. Ausbildungsjahr Kauffrau/-mann haben die Möglichkeit, sich in einem zweiwöchigen Aufenthalt in Paignton auf das Business English Certificate (BEC) vorzubereiten. Während des Sprachaufenthalts in Südengland leben die Lernenden in einer Gastfamilie und besuchen jeweils vormittags und nachmittags die English School of Devon. Neben dem Unterricht bietet die Schule ein vielfältiges Exkursions- und Tätigkeitsprogramm. Von einem ähnlichen Angebot können Lernenden, die sich auf das QV im Fach Französisch vorbereiten wollen, im dritten Ausbildungsjahr Kauffrau/-mann profitieren.

Nach dem Sprachförderungsprogramm haben wir die Lernenden gebeten, ihre Eindrücke schriftlich festzuhalten – in English of course.

Pelkey, 18, (Matten): My family was really amazing. They have three small children and a dog and I had fun playing with them. I improved my English vocab at school. I have learnt a lot and the teachers were really good.

Alessio, 17 (Matten): My family was okay. We did not have anything in common so I wasn’t home very often. The journey to Paignton and back was pleasant. Only the planning wasn’t good. I would recommend Paignton if you are over 18. Due to the school rules we were only allowed to stay out until 10:30 pm.

Dominic, 17 (Matten): The weekends were okay but we had to be home at 10:30 pm. We were told that we could stay out longer if we would have the permission of our parents – that wasn’t the case. Thumb down for false information.

Nadja, 18 (Brienz): My host family was really nice and I had a very enjoyable time with to other students from Thailand and France. In my point of view we got the travel information to late. The price of food in restaurants was very low.

Sandro, 17 (Matten): The trips with the school were very good. I visited Exeter, Dartmoor and I was bowling. In Paignton I preferred the shopping street and the Paignton pier.

Anja, 19 (Innertkirchen): On our weekend we went to Exeter for a shopping trip. It had a lot of good shops. Also we went to Torquay to eat Fish and Chips…

Mattia, 18 (Interlaken): My stay was really good with my host family (1 guy and 1 cat). The food was an adventure J

Sina, 17 (Innertkirchen): I was surprised by the small size of the Devon School classrooms – or are we spoiled? The teachers were good unlike the organisation with some unclear information.

Giulia, 18 (Meiringen): My stay was very good, the family was lovely. The meals were interesting (Fish and Chips) and the house was nice. Restaurants: I preferred the “Harvester” at the seafront.

Nadine, 20 (Hasliberg): I was lucky to live in a beautiful apartment with a great host mum. She always served delicious dinner. Her salary compared to mine is very low. Paignton isn’t as beautiful as I thought it would be and the people there are poor. But when I look back to my time in South Devon it was a good time.

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